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What Do We Offer At Songplistic?

Songplistic is an online audio production company with a twist! When you create with The Songplistic Method we guide you through how to record your song or podcast. We then mix and master or edit your recordings to produce a professional quality product that you can share with the world. To find out more about the ins and outs of what we do, click one of the tabs above to get an explanation of each aspect of Songplistic or fill in our contact sheet below to book a free consultation!

Teach You To Record Your Own Audio

Help You Produce Your Recordings

Editing, Mixing and Mastering for Music and Podcasts

What We Do

Who Will Benefit From The Songplistic Method?

From complete beginners who have no knowledge of the recording process to seasoned musicians/podcasters who have always wanted to get their ideas out there, The Songplistic Method is simple to understand and learn with our tutorial videos including equipment recommendations, how to set up, the ins and outs of audio tracking and more! Anyone can utilise what we have to offer here at Songplistic and once you've gathered your equipment and knowledge from the tutorial videos then you will only need to pay for editing, mixing and mastering on all future tracks or podcasts you want us to help you with!

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Created with The Songplistic Method, Sloan and The First Gentlemen's debut album Axiom out now!


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Legion (Management, Records and Events)
Our partnership with Legion will help us promote our musicians first ethos. Together we aim to be a strong force in the music scene, with Legion bringing their artist management, talented roster, promotional skills and more to help us achieve that aim. Click their logos to be taken to their site.

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