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Drum/Song Production Consultations

Here at Songplistic we aim to make the song production process as simple as possible. With that in mind, for an extra £10 per song and consultation type, we offer you a 30 minute chat with a qualified sound engineer to discuss your tracks. The 2 consultations we offer are drum production consultations and song production consultations.

Drum Production Consultation

Recording drums is arguably the most time-consuming and costly part of any song production. At Songplistic our answer to this is to program the drums ourselves, and if you don't have the costly equipment to record your own drums (drum recording equipment is not included in our equipment packages because of this) then this will be how your drums are produced. With current drum software technology, programmed drums sound indistinguishable from the real thing, Take a look at our portfolio work and listen for yourself. You can easily send us drum sheet music/tab or a rough video/audio recording of the drums for your tracks being played from your phone or camera so that we can recreate your drums in our software, but if you want the chance to discuss exactly what you want from the drums in your track (and you can't provide a rough recording yourself) then our drum consultations allow you to let us know exactly how you want your drums to be programmed. Just check the box at checkout for the drum consultation add on and when you are ready to send us your recordings we can arrange with you a time that suits.

Song Production Consultation

Need some help producing your tracks? our song production consultations will give you a 30 minute session with a qualified song-writer/producer, who will discuss with you their thoughts on your tracks and any changes that could be made to make your tracks just that little bit more interesting. Keep in mind that these tracks are yours and these consultations will only provide the consultants suggestions and if you disagree there is no pressure to take onboard any/all comments discussed. These consultations are for you to get the most out of our service so we encourage you to go into this with an open mind. Some examples of potential suggestions include changing the order of sections of the songs, adding more or less repetitions of sections and adjustments to musical phrases and ideas, though we will tailor these suggestions to your specific needs. Select the song production consultation option at checkout and then send a rough recording of your song to us after payment so we can familiarise ourselves with your track in order to maximise the time we have in the consultation and before you start recording we can arrange a time that is best for you.