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Here is some information on the rise of podcasting and why you should consider getting your own to either get your message out there or develop your brand! 

57% of people in the US have listened to a Podcast, at least once

Up from 55% in 2020

There continues to be good growth in the simple act of knowing what a podcast is, year on year:

78% of people in the US are familiar with the concept of Podcasting

Up from 75% in 2020

Time for some UK podcast statistics, the UK is seeing excellent growth in weekly podcast listening, year on year.

18% of adults in the UK in 2020 (15+) listen on a weekly basis Up from 14% in 2019 and this number is continuing to rise, and the great thing is, podcasts are international, so you can reach anyone anywhere with your message!

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What Is A Podcast?

Looking to start your own podcast but need some more information? You've come to the right place!

In it's simplest definition a podcast is a recorded conversation between 2 or more people about anything that the individuals involved want to discuss. This recorded conversation is then uploaded to the internet for other people to listen to. But why do people podcast? And why do people chose to listen to them?

Podcasting used to be simply an independent way for people to discuss topics that interested them and build a community of people with similar interests and though that more discursive type of podcast still exists, and is very popular, the podcast has developed and can be utilised for many different things.


Today there are podcasts from:

  • individuals

  • companies

  • radio networks

  • TV networks 

  • comedians

  • storytellers

  • And so much more!

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Why Is The Podcast Such A Popular Format Today?

Simply put, you can not only build a community around you, your favourite things or your business, you can also make money from your own personal show! Sponsors, streams, self promotion, affiliations, the opportunity is too much to pass up for someone looking to make it big in the exciting world of podcasting!

You can also use your podcast as a platform for your knowledge and expertise, sharing your skills with others and building an educational community or you can utilise your podcast to position yourself as an authority in your industry by providing knowledgeable advice in an aim to further your career.


The great thing about podcasts is that there are no rules! No time restraint, style or production level to stick to, podcasts can vary from a personal outlet to a money making business!

Podcasts are typically released regularly like episodes of a TV show with podcasters tending to go for either a weekly or monthly release schedule and with Songplistic you can get your podcast journey underway!

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Podcasting With Songplistic

At Songplistic we use our years of audio production knowledge to handle all of the more difficult parts of getting your own podcast online like editing, mixing, mastering, publishing, creating custom music and more so that all you have to worry about is remembering to press the record button!

We also have tutorials for those of you who are completely new to recording audio so it's more simple than ever to get your own podcast going!

We provide 3 different podcast Services: Personal Podcasts (for the individual/hobbyist/small independent business) Charity Podcasts (For charitable organisations who are looking to spread their message through podcasting) and Corporate Podcasts (For profit based organisations looking to use podcasts as a marketing or promotional tool for their business or organisation) Please click the relevant Icon Below to be taken to the podcast service that's right for you!